150LGM tram coupler

Foldable coupler type 150LGM is a modern coupler for combining tram cars. It may be used as the so-called  "emergency" coupler that is only used when towing a tram by another tram or a rescue vehicle. During normal driving, it is hidden by folding under the tram body. The second option is to use it as a "fixed" coupler, to couple single tram cars into one set.  

An integral part of the coupler is the original opening force reduction system with a longitudinal shock absorber. It is a mechanism aimed at supporting the driver, women in particular, by reducing the force needed to fold the coupler into its hidden position, and by automatic coupling of particular coupler arms when unfolding the coupler into its working position. Furthermore, the above-mentioned mechanism excludes using additional tools, e.g. wrenches or hammers.