Based on our machinery, we are able to produce practically any machined part.

In our permanent offer, we have:

    • tram wheels and rims for all types

    • shafts and axles

    • covers

    • toothed gears

    • splined rollers

    • screws and wormwheels

    • bodies

    • tram transmissions (renovation and modernisation)

    • worm transmissions, toothed and chain transmissions

    • hydraulic and pneumatic servomotors

We manufacture parts based on:

    • technical documentation

    • supplied template

    • according to own concept or design

See our detailed offer
Shield outer crown wheel
gearbox components
Spindle brake cylinder
The body of the socket shaft attacker
Wheel center
Shield outer crown wheel
rim tram
Wheel middle - semi-finished
axes tram
Axle gear wheel packing
Gearbox components tram
rim tram
Axle gear with the body crown wheel
Spindle brake cylinder
Circle tram folding
The gear unit housing 20PML
Axle gear wheel packing
A pair of toothed gears tram