Machine Park

Our company's machinery permits to make typical and specialized works on:

 • Digitally controlled CNC lathes and universal lathes

maximum turning diameter  900 mm, maximum length 2000 mm. at diameter  650 mm

• Digitally controlled CNC milling machines and universal millers

length of an object being processed 1200 mm

• Envelope milling machines for toothed gears maximum modulus 14 mm,

maximum diameter  1200 mm

• Slotters for toothed gears, we can make external and internal toothing,

maximum external diameter of a machined wheel 420 mm, maximum modulus 10 mm

• Slotters    

• Grinders

      -for shafts

maximum diameter up to 350 mm, maximum length 2200 mm

     -for holes

maximum grinding diameter up to 350 mm, conical holes grinding

      -for planes

maximum grinding surface 300 x 800

• Additionally, we have all types of:       




-hydraulic presses     

with pressure up to 100 tons      


-test positions

centrum tokarskie CTX 650 eco
centrum tokarskie CTX 510 eco
centrum tokarskie CTX 310 eco
centrum frezerskie DMC 635V eco
centrum tokarskie NEF 400
centrum tokarskie CTX 650 eco